Eons ago, across the surface of a sea covered planet, two continents rose from the depths of the ocean. In the west, wind swept fields grazed across the horizons cultivating rich grasslands. In the east, steeping snow capped mountains brushed high into the sky. Many more ages would pass before two great nations arose on each continent.

The western continent of Imperia was ruled by the Imperian Collective. A bustling and communal argicultural society. The citizens of Imperia were able to grow their society from exploiting the genetic code of life to increase to increase crop yeild, provide a limitless supply of livestock, and temper their own diseases. Strict laws prohibit fringe genetic tampering.

The eastern continent of Quarn is ruled by the Kingdom of Mynec. A rigid caste mining society focused on elusive earthly materials and mechanical engineering. Utilizing the mined metals for both mechnical and power generation, the people under the mountain have become industrious at creating advanced robotics to mine deeper and deeper into the planet.

War has raged across the Mir Sea which separates the two nations for as long as anyone can remember. For mountains do not grow food and grasslands do not yeild tools, buildings, or weapons. Because the two nations have never been able to agree on a trade pact, most commerce is derived from dark runners, an underground operation that smuggled illegal goods between nations. These dealings are rarely peaceful.

63 years past, both nations found peace within two youthful leaders.

They would become known to the commoners of both nations as The Two Kings. For they ruled over The Great Calm. A time in which both nations traded freely and prospered exponentially. The dark runners, no longer able to profit, did everything they could to sabatoge the new found peace. Cities water supplies poisoned, fringe research materials smuggled from both nations, leaders assassinationed, and the bombings of towns. For every incident, councils in both nations urged The Two Kings to take action against each other. But they held fast in their commitment to peace, even through the murder of their own wives.

Yet, even great kings age...